Cure the Yips in one lesson
15 March 2017 11:49 am

The Yips in putting is a strange thing.

The yips is when there is a sudden change of club face angle just prior to impact, at impact or just after impact caused from a fast twitch in the players wrists.

There are hundreds of articles of research into why it happens. Some say its mental and just happens, some say its technique and some believe its a mixture of both.

I believe its a mixture of both but believe it starts from poor technique causing the player to get anxious and worried over putts.

Having experienced the yips myself a few years ago it is one of the worst feeling I have experienced in life. It makes you feel so awful, you approach the green petrified of what type of putt you may face and from any distance you just pray to not leave yourself a knee knocking 2/3 footer, which from my experience was the worst distance, making me feel physically sick.

Last week I played 18 holes with a member who shall remain un-named as ‘Player A’

It was obvious he was struggling with his putting and the yips where causing him considerable problems.

I recommended that he comes to see me for a one-hour session on the SAM Putt Lab and we would sort his putting out and change his life!

The first thing I find out after getting the results on the SAM Putt Lab is to establish the hand that has the dominant twitch. I do this by getting the player to hit a series of putts with each hand.

From there I figure out the best grip possible to put that hand in such a position that it cant ‘Yip’


Then testing is done on the SAM Putt Lab to ensure that the twisting of the wrists has reduced.


On this occasion the changes and improvements where huge as you can see from the before and after images below



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