26 January 2018 9:29 am

We haven't had much luck with the recent poor weather in running the LPH Group Clinics but I am sure spring is around the corner, so join us in February for these 3 engaging clinics to improve your putting and start 2018 Holing Everything!

The clinics are 60 minutes long and cost £10 per person

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Sunday 4th February - 3pm

Need for Speed

SPEED CONTROL is a key area of being a good putter. Tour players have a fantastic ability to control speed. I will take you through stroke mechanics and give you an insight into what I see in tour players like LPGA tour player Becky Morgan.

Thursday 15th February - 4pm

Aim like a laser

If your putter is 1 degree left or right of the hole on a 10ft putt you will miss. So it's very important to AIM like a laser. In this session I will give you the process to achieve this.

Sunday 25th February - 3pm

Hole more putts with a solid On-Course Process

On the course is where all the magic happens. This session is designed to help you apply what you learn and practice during a lesson on the course.


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