Have you even thought about the way you look at the hole?
22 September 2016 3:45 pm

Most golfers I coach have never thought about the way they look at the hole before they hit each putt, but through research and personal experimentation I have found that the way we look at the hole can influence our set up, stroke mechanics and mental attitude.

Many golfers I coach have a tendency to look at the hole as Fiona has in the picture above. Fiona has moved her entire body and eye line to the left of the target. This movement can encourage the club face to aim left and also the body may stay pointing in that direction when she looks back to the ball.


In the picture above you can see that Fiona has kept her body still while looking at the hole and that both her eyes are inline with the ball to target line (working her right eyes underneath her left) This will help her track her eyes along the line of the put and by maintaining her body position give her the best possible opportunity to maintain and achieve a square set up at address. 


You might not be physically able to achieve this position if you have mobility issues with your neck. 

So, I recommend you perform this simple TPI Drill to check if your body is able beforehand. 

The drill is simple;  

  • Stand nice and tall in a relaxed posture 
  • Rotate your head to one side keeping you head level 
  • Then try to touch your shoulder with your chin (without moving your shoulder!!) 
  • Repeat both sides 

I hope this tip helps you and let me know how you get on. If you have any questions on this article then please do contact me to discuss further.

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