Hub Club Update
5 May 2016 12:32 pm

My weekly Hub club sessions that I hold each week have been a great success and great fun!

The weekly session on a Monday evening is 1 hour coaching session FREE for anyone who has attended an AimPoint Express course with myself.

Each session is different and we cover all aspects of the Express read. Including important factors such as:

  • Speed of play (the express read on any putt will only take 10 seconds, the only faster way to read a green, is the glance a go!)
  • Feeling Slope
  • Rule 16-1A
  • Short putts (most important area of golf)

The above graph shows us that the average 16 handicapper looses 5.9 shots per round to a tour player while putting inside 9 feet. Together we could half that gap; would you be interested in saving 3 shots off your score? If so please email to book in your initial assessment.

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