Huge improvements for Ruth
21 March 2018 2:56 pm

Ruth came to me last week struggling a little with her putting. The hardest thing for her was starting the ball on line, especially on those dreaded 3 foot putts!

After a few putts on the SAM Putt Lab 6 software it was obvious that her forearms and hands were getting involved and causing the club to twist out of control.

This is what one of her SAM Putt Lab reports looked like

A little inconsistent I'm sure we all can agree.

It was Ruth's right hand and forearm that was the naughty one so we improved her hold position on the club



We also shortened her putter by 2 inches and added a little weight to the club head to improve its balance.

This helped her achieve a more dynamic set up as you can see from the picture below

       Before                                                     After

Ruth took to this different approach like a duck to water and immediately felt more in control of the club face

The improvements where huge as you can see from the image below

Ruth went out to play with her new approach the next day and saw huge improvements in line and distance control

Here is what she had to say

 'I wanted to say how delighted I am with my new putting style. I practiced for about 20 mins before the stableford last Tues. and was amazed how consistently straight they were. It feels so much more smooth and controlled. Also the new stance stops me looking up. 
Thank you.
Even my husband was impressed on Thursday when we had a little practice.'



Feedback like this is why I love my job.

We still have more to improve but huge gains were made in the right direction

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