Is your putter fit for you?
28 July 2016 2:30 pm

Many golfers I speak to have a putter that they just bought in a shop, they liked the feel of it, tried it out and holed a couple of putts. Is this you?

There are so many aspects to consider when custom fitting a putter – Learn how we custom fit:

It is amazing how different putters are from shape to markings; this has a massive affect on our aim; For example, a putter with lots of lines will influence a right handed golfer to aim further left.

The weight of the putter can change your tempo, as a rule heavier putters slow your tempo down and lighter putters speed your tempo up, so if you leave it short a lighter putter may help?

Grip Length, loft and Lie
As we are all ‘wonderfully’ different shapes and sizes it is key to ensure you have a putter that fits you, not the other way round.

Sally Fycun has recently had a fitting and here is what she has to say

“I had a putter custom fitted about 6 months ago. I wasn’t sure that it could make that much of a difference to my putting, but in fact it has revitalised my putting to a level I did not think possible. In my custom fitting we went on the SAM Putt Lab and tried 3 putters out that suited my style of putting. We then looked at the data and one stood out miles ahead of the others. So much so that I decided to invest on that putter which I loved from day one. I believe a custom fitted putter is the way forward but only when conjoined with regular putting lessons, so that you get the best out of your custom fitted putter. I know I certainly have benefitted from my custom fitted putter and the lessons I have had with Oli Leett using the AimPoint Express method”

Sally Fycun

Putter fittings take around an hour on the SAM Putt Lab.

A putter fitting costs £20 but is FREE if you purchase a putter.

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