The Last Month in Isolation: We Miss You!
30 April 2020 10:14 am

Talk amongst the hierarchy may suggest that golf courses will be reopening in just a few weeks time, which of course I cannot contain my excitement about - but alas, this is only rumour.

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe in these unprecendented times. It is proving to be tough but we will get through this if we abide by the rules and stay at home.

In this article I am going to share what I have been up to personally, what the team have been doing, as well as what you can do to keep yourself entertained and structured during the lockdown period.

I have seriously enjoyed spending more time with my family.

Spending time with my fiance Kathryn and my daughter Esme is something which I have always cherished but to be able to do more of this, albeit in such strange circumstances, is a real blessing.

I've loved being able to have breakfast every morning, going for a daily walk, a daily bath, playing lots of football and golf. CLICK HERE to watch Esme play

Also helping her with her shapes, so she now knows her star, circle, square and triangle as well. She knows her colours and counting and it has just been amazing to see her vocabulary go through the roof. She can now can full conversation with people and it is amusing, and a joy to watch.

From a home perspective I've been going through previous courses tidying up my notes and putting gear. I hve also tidied around the house, going through boxes of random stuff - we haven't quite got to the attic yet but that is next.

I've been learning quite a few new recipes for cooking as well - my first roast dinner was, in my humble opinion, delicious - with yorkshire puddings full of gravy.

From an LPH point of view I have managed to do something I've wanted to do for a while - I have created a podcast which I haven't yet released an episode of but am mightily excited to do so.

Hopefully we are looking to get special guest Tim Hall on 'Read it, Roll it, Hole it' on the first episode, with a plan to my four mentors to be the first four guests. Tim is alongside David Orr, Phil Kenyon and Mark Bull in this respect.

Obviously I have had to source the most wonderful editor Chris Stonadge, who simultaneously is writing this article as well!

I've been reaching out to a lot of people helping coaches who are early in their career, and learning from other top coaches in the world which is amazing. Social Media has also been very active for me and I'm becoming much more interactive increasing brand awareness, talking with people who have hosted my aimpoint lessons and helping them out when I can as well.

One of the most success stories from this isolation for me is how we have managed to keep our junior coaching maintained. Tim, James and I have not yet missed a session and we run ten hours of coaching per week for the juniors. We have actually added special guests for our juniors, great players and coaches who have inspired them all through their talks.

Tim will then go into his garden and do a bit of technique work on their chipping, they'll come inside and I'll help with some putting pointers and fun putting games. It's something we are all really proud of and its been really cool to do.

We are still learning as well - we had Simon Dyson on who was on tour for a long time and we asked: 'Who is the best golfer you ever played with?'. His reply was Ernie Els not because of his talent but his mindset. Every time he made a bogey he would reply by birdieing the next hole. Simon said that he realised that he was doing that and he transformed his own game from it.

A lot of players talk about mindset and resilience, which is great for the juniors to hear, not only from us but from establshed professionals who have been there and done it. They realise that it is difficult but achievable with hard work.

Gail Emms came to talk with them which was particularly inspirational for them. Gail was a Badminton player and she won silver in the Olympics and a Gold medal from the Worlds - what an opportunity and how cool is that. Bernd Wiesberger came to talk to our juniors and he's the 26th best golfer in the world. And he's talked to our juniors!

One last thing that we appreciated was David Orr's quote of 'Ross-on-Wye Juniors asked me the best set of questions I've ever had'. What an honour that was to have one of the best putting coaches in the world bestow on us.

We've also been running our group clinics on Zoom every week, with Tim and I entertaining around 80 members on call over the four weeks. It's so nice to see their faces onc call - but to see 50 smiling faces a day is something which I will never take for granted again because I miss it so much.

The beauty of the golf course is something that is so close yet so far away. It is the best office in the world.

I hope you're all well and stay in touch with the team at Ross-on-Wye Golf Club. Stay Safe

Mel Reid and local pro Oli Farr


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