Isolation Webinars - Get Your Game Ready
30 April 2020 2:36 pm

Calling All THSG Pupils ......

Hopefully with better news on the horizon we can start to think about what that first tee shot will feel like!! We are now into week 5 of our webinar series and as each week goes by the webinars get more and more important. These fun and engaging webinars are brought to you to help you practice and improve while in isolation. We understand these are difficult times for so many reasons and what better way to fill your days improving your golf game.

Week 5 -

Our putting specialist Oli Leett will be talking about swing length, tempo and Rhythm. All 3 aspects are key in judging distance control.
He will identify the differences between each aspect and run through there importance with practical examples to improve that area.

I will be continuing my route away from the green and focus on short & middle irons. Approach play is a key area of the game that so many of the greats have shown a strength in. We will go through the key foundations at address and talk about the influence of controlling the club face in the backswing. I will also share my two favourite drills for better ball striking.

Dates & Times

Friday 1st May - 2pm-3pm
Saturday 2nd May - 2pm-3pm
Monday 4th May - 2pm-3pm

** To BOOK please reply to this email **

Cost of these special webinars are £10 pp, we accept payments via bacs, paypal or over the phone.
paypal details -
Our bacs details are - 20-39-64 / acc no 93557308 / Tim Hall Golf Ltd

Lets embrace isolation and see it as an opportunity to LEARN, IMPROVE & BE A BETTER GOLFER AT THE END OF IT....!!

See you all soon


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