11 April 2017 6:21 pm

The Berkhamsted trophy is a top amateur event with the top 100 amateur golfers playing and James was on good form with a top 20 finish.

James has decided to turn professional at the end of the summer so he is really looking forward to his last season as a amateur golfer.

Working hard on his putting through the winter we have seen his stroke go from strength to strength with technique changes as well as pre shot routine improvements.

Here is what James has to say

'I had my first event of the year last week at Berkhamsted golf club. I come 19th out of 100 people with score of 74,68,77,69 which gave me a total of +4 for the tournament.
I have worked very hard on my putting over the winter with Oli and gave the long game a rest. I had been cutting across my putts quite badly at the start of the year which made me pull them so myself and Oli worked a lot on path to make me hit the putt on the intended line. The work that we did made a massive difference and helped me shoot the scores I did and get a nice handicap cut to +0.8'



As you can see from the picture above James' path was on average 4 degrees to the left which made if difficult for him to have consistancy with his club face angle at impact


As so can see from the after session his path direction is a lot better allowing his club face consistency to rise from 67% to 93%

A huge improvement I'm sure you will agree? 


Putting is tough.

If your clubface is 1 degree out at impact you will miss the hole.

So changes like this using the SAM Putt Lab are extreamly valuable and easy to measure.


James' next event is on 10th May in the South East Links at Royal St Georges. I'm sure he will continue his good form and you are with me wishing him good luck

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