Local LPGA and European Tour player returns to Ross
7 April 2016 1:12 pm

Last week we had the privilege of Becky Morgan’s visit to the club. Becky was a member of ROWGC as a junior, in the 1990s, and currently plays on the European and American pro tour which she has done for the past 15 years.

Becky wanted some help with her putting and during our 4 hour session we covered all aspects of putting from Green Reading to Pace.

By using special techniques such as AimPoint Express and the Science and Motion Putt Lab I answered many questions and queries Becky had about her read and set up.

For example as you can see from the SAM Putt Lab data image, you can see her club face rotation was nearly perfect indicating that the type of putter she has suits her stroke.

As a result we created one simple process.

I set Becky several practice drills, which cover the 3 most important parts of practice

-    Measurable

-    Technical

-    Random 

To finish, we played a few holes together which was a ‘trip down memory lane’ for Becky.  She was very impressed with the condition of the course and speed of the greens.

I am very much looking forward to following Becky’s progress throughout the year and meeting up with her in Woburn for the Open in June!

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