LPH December Group Clinics
21 November 2016 5:51 pm

Heading into the off season we strongly believe this is the time to make a difference to your game and seek improvement. Group clinics are a great way to learn about different areas of putting with like minded golfers in a relaxed environment

What we have planned for December .................. >>>>>>>>

Saturday 3rd of December - 9am

Start Like You Mean To Go On / Ball Start Line

I will develop an individual process for each of you, helping you to aim the putter correctly. Your probably thinking how easy is it to aim a putter, in my research I have found out that around 85% of golfers have aim issues. After this session you will have a system that will help you start the ball on your intended line, improving your chance of holing more putts. 


Thursday 8th of December - 9am

Distance Control
If we can read the green, start the ball on our intended line and then perfect the pace.....then we will certainly hole more putts.

I will again give you a process to help you gauge what length of swing you require at different distances. I will test you on breaks and borrows to help you perfect your stroke length. 


Sunday 18th December - 9am

Practice Effectively 

If you think practising your putting is boring then I agree...... It can be, if you dont make it fun, challenging and measurable.

I will take you through my 10 favourite games, drills, challenges and tasks. A mixture to help you with technique, pressure putting and measuring success.


The sessions are £10 p/p, 60 minutes long and are open to all members of all abilities.

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