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22 November 2017 3:35 pm

The sam putt lab is without doubt one of the best coaching tools I have, I love it.

Well it’s just got even better. The new easy to understand software and improved data helps reinforce changes. It helps us to compare and analyse with new video integration which i find was missing with the old software.


The 3d analysis is very cool also because you can see what your putter is doing in space, which really helps you see the fault.

The Sam putt lab, which stands for Science and Motion is a complex system analysing over 40 paramounts of each Putting stroke. This I’m sure sounds very complex, but trust me it’s not because the sam software simplifies it all.

It tells me what you are doing well, and what areas we need to improve.

I will set you a simple set up change, swing thought or belief, set up process or mindset and you will go away and work on that specific area. You come back after sufficient practice and we measure the change and improvements.

For example here is a simple change we made with a rowgc member last week. Claus had a tendency to miss his putts a little left and was struggling with consistency of ball direction and strike. This came down to poor face Aim at address as you can see from the image below.

A simple change for Claus in his set up was made to allow him to see the line straight. 

This resulted in Claus’ Aim dramatically improving from 3.7 degrees left to 0.8 degrees left and saw him missing less putts left and Holing more putts! I am looking forward to our next consultation in a months time to see the changes and improve Claus to the next level.


To improve your putting it really is that simple. It may just be a change in set up like it was for Claus.


Don’t delay and struggle further. Let’s get you booked in and improve your putting ready for the 2018 season.


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I look forward to seeing you in the hub soon...........

Reading it Rolling it and Holing it!!! 

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