LPH Live Lesson
16 December 2016 1:45 pm

Please watch the Live Lesson Video with the new Sam 3D Putt in Action

In this video I talk about 2 key areas that we focused on to improve Geoff's putting stroke

- Putter path

- Rise angle

Putter Path - Geoff's putter path was 4 degrees from in to out and he opened the club face 19 degrees in the back swing. This made it very difficult for Geoff to square the club face at impact

Rise angle - Geoff was hitting down on his putts by .03 degrees at impact. Putting and Driving are the two areas in golf where we want to hit the ball on the up to get the optimum launch

To improve these two areas we changed Geoff's grip from the standard interlocking grip that he uses in the long game, to placing the forefingers down the shaft.

We also talked about the putiing stroke as a big pizza. With Geoff being in the centre of the pizza and the club being parallel with the ground. Imagining that the sweet spot of the putter is on the crust. When moving the putter back and through Geoff tried to keep the putter sweet spot on the crust, and he found he shouldn't have any rotation in the shaft, thrust in the putter (change of lie angle) and eliminating the wrist movement to a minimum.

After these changes we saw Geoff's path improve to close to zero with a lot less club face rotation.

Also his rise angle increased from 0.3 degree down to 2.6 degrees up which is close to the optimum launch

The SAM Putt 3D is a great learning environment and helps understanding key swing changes.

If you would like to improve your stroke with simple changes like Geoff then please get in touch

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