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25 October 2017 2:26 pm

David Orr - Flatstick Academy - Amsterdam October 2017

What a fantastic 3 days that was in Alkmaar, Amsterdam with tour putting coach David Orr.

As I write this on a early Wednesday morning flight from Amsterdam to Malaga its a great time to reflect on my time with David.

David Orr is a special guy that I met this time last year. He has coached over 50 top professionals worldwide, most notably Suzzane Petterson, Paul Casey, Just Rose, Hunter Mahan, Ian Poulter to name but a few.

He is also ahead of the curve with research of how the body works during the putting stroke. Working with Dr Rob Neal his findings are revolutionary, proving that some long term putting myths are untrue. For example -

Taking the club 'straight back straight through'

'Accelerate the putter through the ball'

'Putt like ‘a pendulum’

Last year David founded the Flatstick Academy level 1 certification. This is a course set up for putting coaches like myself, who want to learn from the best and improve their knowledge. My view remains, last year was the best money I have ever spent on a course or a product!

I have learnt so much from this guy, who has travelled all over the world, flown in Justin Rose’s private jet and been to every major tournament. He was lucky enough to be part of the team when Justin Rose won The US Open in 2013.

Yet this humble guy, who I can now call my friend is investing in others, sharing his knowledge and experiences.

So this years course was as good as last; Using David's template with new and exciting content. A group of 8, a Welshman, Scotsman, Dutchman, Italian, Frenchman, American and two Germans! A great mix of cultures and personalities but all with a passion for putting and mindset of willingness to learn.

We bonded well as a team and our energy levels stayed high for the 30 hours of learning, over 3 days; David was buzzing with passion, seeing us understand his findings and link it to our coaching.

So what's next...? Taking a Level 2 exam; this level is by invitation only and I am very proud that David has recommended me to take the exam. Only 5 of the 50 instructors worldwide have taken the level 2 exam.

For me learning from one of ‘the best’ putting coaches in the world is presicely where I want to be. I feel that my knowledge of how to help golfers hole more putts is now at a completely new level.

Here are my top 6 quotes from David this week.

‘Write that down’

‘Most stories are not true, however mine are true’

‘I train players to self correct’

'Your not changing anything until you change belief system’

‘Rhythm is when the wrists, arms and torso move together, singing in harmony’

‘Tiger Woods aims his putter 2.5 degrees open. Does he aim the face or aim the stroke?’

As the plane gets nearer to Malaga another three days of learning awaits. The AimPoint Instructor Conference in Marbella. I’m excited to meet with friends and colleagues to learn from another superstar in the putting world Mark Sweeney, the founder of AimPoint.

Although I miss my family at home very much, especially my little daughter Esme, I’m sure she will have grown so much whilst Ive been away and will be on the putting green at Ross holing putts showing you all how to do it very soon!

AimPoint European Instructor Conference - Marbella 2017

Another fantastic three days learning with fellow AimPoint Instructors. Here I am once again on my flight home from Marbella to Birmingham. I’m so looking forward to see my baby girl after a week away. It’s a long time to be away when she’s only 12 weeks old!


But was it worth it? Yes yes and yes -100% yes!


Back in June I was fortunate enough to gain my level 3 AimPont Certification. Level 3 classes you as a senior instructor and part of a close team to share best practice and help evolve the brand.

So on Day 1 all level 3 european instructors, Gareth, Christian, Sergio and myself got together with Jamie Donaldson - level 4 and Mark Sweeney - Level 5 the founder of AimPoint. This was a really great day, the knowledge and energy in the room was amazing as we started experimenting with new ideas.

As a relatively new member of AimPoint (3 years) I chatted a lot with Mark about the history of AimPoint and where and when it all started. This completely blew me away. He showed me the ‘code' that he created. It’s 120,00 lines of what I can best describe as a combination of Chinese, Welsh and Dutch written by an Irish man! In other words I could not understand any of it as its ‘CODE’ but it was amazing to see all the crazy formulas he used to get a 99% success rate to predict the correct break when working for the golf channel in the 2000’s. 

Whats amazing is that AimPoint has evolved again to the 'Express read' which uses all the information from the 120,000 code but is a simple two step process.


1 - We feel side slope and give it a value


2 - Hold our fingers up to the hole which gives us the correct amount of break


It works, its accurate, its easy to learn and its quick to do! Amazing


On day 2 and 3 we were joined by the level 1 and 2 coaches. We practiced the new AimPoint Speed class, best practice and much more including how wind and grain can influence break.

It’s fantastic to meet up with old friends, as well as meet new friends and bounce thoughts and ideas off each other.



So, in summary, its been a special week learning; what are the key points that I’ve learnt from both David Orr and Mark Sweeney?


  • I coach reading greens with AimPoint - tick. I coach ball start line and timing on the SAM Putt Lab - tick. I do not measure what the body does bio mechanically during the stroke, and I need to. So I will be purchasing a 4D bio mechanic system that has 6 sensors to measure what the hands, forearms, upper arm, shoulders and torso are doing in the putting stroke. This sounds complicated but I can promise you this will take my coaching to a new level and simplify my methods and player understanding. Ultimately improving golfers to hole more putts
  • Mark Sweeney is the cleverest man I know and a degree in Philosophy is not my career back up plan!
  • AimPoint is a growing brand and you will see more and more players using it
  • There are more bikes in Amsterdam than any other place I’ve been in the world.


Many thanks for reading


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