LPH Pupils rise to the top
19 April 2018 3:02 pm

It has been a fantastic start to the season for LPH pupils, I am one happy and proud coach.

Mixed Social Golf – Florida Scramble Friday 13th April 2018


1st - 39 Points Sally Fycun, Julie Jones, Timmy Fycun & Scott Thompson

Sally Fycun - Sally is a real student of the game, only taking the game up 4 years ago she has progressed nicely now playing off a fantastic 13 handicap. She takes regular lessons to continually improve her game with myself and Tim. A recent putting lesson making a small improvement in concept helped her confidence and understanding, scoring a great win in the mixed social

Timmy Fycun - His game has gone from strength to strength since joining us 5 years ago. Like his mum he takes on new information like a duck to water. A new custom fitted ping putter only a month ago has improved his putter path and strike. AimPoint has also helped Timmy commit to a line on every putt.

Julie Jones - Julie learnt a huge amount at our recent trip to Portugal in November. A improvement in set up for putting and chipping has helped her get up and down more often.

Scott Thompson - Scott attended the LPH seniors away day and stay at Enville Golf Club last week. We spent time talking about using the bounce of the wedge around the green, controlling distance on the green by not accelerating the putter and course management.

The H & J SALVER Tuesday 17th April

1st Hannah Keir & Chris Crane 30pts

Hannah Keir - Hannah has worked hard on her putting the past year and has transformed her game by making putting one of her strengths. A grip change from conventional to claw has been the biggest improvement allowing her right hand to stay passive through the strike.

Chris Crane - Chris has been playing with a putter thats to long for her for a few years. A putter that's to long for you can cause a huge problem when Aiming. Shortening Chris's putter and fitting a thinner grip helped her gain control and feel.

Barnfield Final - Sunday 15th April

1st - 40 points - Steve Woods - Steve wasn't happy with his putting last year. A few technical sessions on the SAM Putt Lab highlighted his strengths and weaknesses. Improving his concepts has transformed his putting and now very rarely has a 3 putt

2nd - 39 points - Liam Greig - Liam has come down from 15hcp to 5hcp in 12 months and is a extremely dedicated young man. He reminds me in so many ways of our very own Niall Powell. He sticks to his process and continues to improve.


Alex Ireland - Alex is one of the best amateur golfers in the county and regularly represents Gloucestershire. At the end of the season he is turning professional and will play the EuroPro Tour. We have worked extremely well as a team for the past 2 years and his putting stats have improved nicely. We have worked on many aspects including AimPoint Calibration, stroke mechanics, pre tournament routines and performance practice. He recently won a Gloucestershire and Somerset Professional event so his form is good to start the season.

Ebonie Lewis - Ebonie is a super talented golfer off an incredible +3 handicap. She represents Gloucestershire and is part of the England U18s team. We started working together 6 months ago when she started at Hartpury College. She regularly has individual lessons outside of Hartpury to improve her putting which is already a big strength of her game. We have improved her posture for stability and her stroke follow through to enable the ball is struck with a good smash factor. Last week she played in the Irish Girls U18s Open stroke play at Roganstown Golf Club and finished a very respectable 4th place, finishing the top GB & I player.

Ross Langdon - Ross is well known as one of the leading professionals in the west region and is based at Brickhampton Court Golf Club. I have been working with Ross for a few years now and his putting is very strong. We have worked mainly on finding the best grip and putter combo from experimenting with different options and we have found the best solution for Ross. We now work on his AimPoint read, practice plans and sticking to his pre shot routine.

Results in 2018 have been phenomenal, recording 3 Wins in the Gloucestershire and Somerset PGA Medal's. His goal this year is to finish in the top 3 of the order of merit and to qualify to play at the Wentworth professional event in May.

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