LPH Tip of the week - practice well before you play
4 October 2018 8:18 am

Most golfers I see practice their putting for 5 minutes (at best!) before they tee off. They drop three balls on the green and putt from hole to hole on 15 - 20ft putts.

In a way I think this type of practice can be damaging to your putting, for two reasons;

1 - Practising putting with 3 balls is a game that is three times easier than the real thing. A typical example is the first putt misses, the second goes close and the third goes in.

Happy days you think........

But this is not golf, because when you get onto that first green you only get one go, you panic and think negative thoughts under pressure.

Practice your putting with one ball only.

2 - Hitting putts to 15 - 20ft is the most common distance I see players practice, they might hit a couple of those scary 2-3 footers, but mainly focus on the 15-20 ft range where they are in their comfort zone. If it goes in great, if it misses, no dramas.

Golfers then get onto the first green, for example, to the front edge of the green with the pin at the back and face a 40ft uphill snaking putt! Panic sets in as you have no idea how hard to hit this putt as you have only hit those comfortable 15ft putts

Practice long, mid and short putts, uphill and downhill before you go out and play.

Here is a structured 15 minute putting warm up for you to execute before you go out and play ->>>>>>>

LPH 15 minute putting warm up

10 mins - Tee peg to Tee peg

Place 2 tee pegs 20ft apart on the putting green on a straight putt. So no side slope but it will be uphill to one tee and downhill to the other. 

Start from one of the tees and putt to the other tee. Your goal is to hit the tee peg in 2 putts. Turn around and hit to the other tee peg, once again your goal is to hit the tee peg in 2 putts.

If you successfully do so move one of the tee pegs a further club length away and repeat this process.

Hopefully you will get the two tee pegs up to over 30ft appart.

This drill will help you focus your mind on managing your speed on uphill and downhill putts and improve your aim accuracy by putting to a small target.

5 mins - Practice your putting with 1 ball. Pick a random putt. Full putting routine should be used on every putt and hole out

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