LPH Training Week
29 October 2018 2:18 pm

Last week, I had a fun week traveling in Europe on a quest to 'continue to improve' my coaching skills. I am finding that the more I learn the simpler my lessons are becoming.

On an early start on Wednesday I set off to Gatwick airport to meet up with Charles, a fellow putting coach from London. We check in and catch up on a flight to Berlin.

What a cool place Berlin is! We spent our first afternoon being tourists, having an explore and we even went on a bus tour which was a great way to see the city and all its sites.

On Thursday we were down to business on a 3 day training camp with one of my mentors David Orr. David has a wealth of knowledge in putting. His passion and determination sets him apart as one of the leading golf coaches in the world. Research is where David spends most of his time and the detail is incredible.

After a busy first day a nice German beer was needed!

Day 2's main topic was technology, looking at Sam Putt Lab, Capto and Blast. This was fascinating and helpful to see how the best in the world uses the Sam Putt Lab.

On Day 3 we got to watch David coach live lessons. He was very impressive and in particular in the way he communicated with the students and improved their technique through beliefs, concepts and mindset. One of my fellow students told him that he changed her life, in only 30 mins!

We had a lovely meal out that night with 7 new friends. From left to right, the lovely Martina and Luca from Turin. Mr David Orr himself. My room mate, Londoner Charles. Fellow Welshman Leon who has worked in Luxembourg for the past 18 years. Shin the athlete from Singapore. Davida the handsome Italian who works in Singapore.

The next 2 days remained at the same venue in Berlin for Putt Camp, where 30 coaches from all over Europe joined us.  This was a two day course with David Orr, Putt View and Christian Marquardt.

David opened the day full of passion as always. Although I had just spent 3 days with David, I still learnt some more.

Next up was Putt View, a company that project the ball curve onto a indoor green with a clever software that offers lots of flexibility to help players dial in their visualization.

They have also recently launched 'Goggles' that can be used outside on a green that has been scanned. This was really futuristic and interesting.

Here I am wearing the goggles.

Day 2 was with Christian Marquardt, the owner and inventor of Sam Putt Lab. He is an incredibly knowledgeable guy who, of course, knows the Sam Putt Lab Numbers inside out. As a Sam Putt Lab owner I picked up some great tips to improve my use of this tool.

For the next chapter we flew to Madrid for the annual AimPoint Conference. I traveled with Rolf who had hosted us in Berlin; he did a great job with everything running smoothly and on time - just like perfect German engineering! He couldn't resist a little AimPoint in the airport at 5.30am.

The AimPoint Conference was really useful. Mark Sweeney is he guy who invented AimPoint and he is fantastic to learn from. Watching him coach the Express read was invaluable and some new ideas on marketing makes me excited for 2019.

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