May LPH Group Clinics
13 April 2017 8:09 pm

In May we are continuing with the successful group sessions. They are a nice way to learn in a friendly environment. They are open to all members and LPH pupils. The clinics are 60 minutes and cost £10 per person

Sunday 7th May - 1pm

Pre Shot Routine

In this session we will establish the best pre shot routine for you.

Everyone's pre shot routine is different but I strongly believe they all should consist of 3 key factors -

- Read it - Pick an exact point to Aim at

- Visualize it - Once you know your line its important to picture the ball going along the line at the right speed into the hole

- Practice it - Practice what a good putt feels like

Another key aspect to a good pre shot routine is putter aim and set up.

Most Professionals Aim the putter then set up.

Most amateurs set up then Aim the putter.

In this session we will ensure your routine includes all these key aspect, it is not one to be missed.

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Friday 12th May - 2pm

No more 3 putts

Did you know that the professionals have more 3 putts that 1 putts from 31 feet?

This is normally due to not getting the first putt within the 'dust bin lid' and put themselves under pressure on that remaining 3-6 foot putt.

In this session we will help you prevent those costly 3 putts with a combination of read, line and speed.

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