Niall and Alex start new chapter in America
8 August 2018 8:07 am

What a summer it has been for LPH pupils Niall Powell and Alex Giles. Niall Powell is now settling down in his new home across the pond at New Mexico State University

County champion Alex Giles has just landed in Florida at the Seminole state College starting her US journey.

Here are a few words from Niall a couple days before his flight,

Hi Everyone......

It's been a fantastic summer being back home with playing lots of golf and competing in a number of events. It's also been great to get back to work at the THSG, I have missed it and always enjoy working with the boys.

For me this summer has been another great step in the right direction with my handicap now sitting at plus 1 and playing some good golf which has led to a few nice results. One of my finest results was a solid second place in The Tucker trophy which is a Welsh order of merit event which also means that I now have a World Amateur Ranking. This is something that I can now also work on and hope to improve.

It is now this Sunday I leave to begin my new adventure in the States, heading to the campus of New Mexico State University. At the beginning of this summer I wasn't quite sure if I would return back to college in America but I cant be anymore excited to go and join Coach Dirks and the boys at NMSU, I am so grateful for this opportunity they are giving me.

I look forward to keeping you all up to date through these blogs and hope to share you all with much more success and achievements.

See you at Christmas.....

Kind regards,


Here are a few words from Alex's recent blog;

'Here we go!.. I never thought I would actually be saying this, but welcome to my blog!

I’ve been asked by many people to start a blog about my time at college in the USA. I’m hoping this will include all things America but who knows what it might end up being about!…

I will be going to Seminole state college of Florida studying interior design technology and playing for their golf team (hopefully winning lots too). I’ll be at SSC for two years and then after that I will move on to a university which will also be in the US. 

I will make my way to sunny Florida on Wednesday (8th August) ready to officially start my new adventure on the 21st August. 

I have been very reluctant to do this as I’ve always thought nobody will care about what I have to say, but hopefully, people that are yet to start this journey might learn something from It and it’ll be cool for me to reflect on my experiences in years to come!

Hope you all enjoy it!'


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