Performance Practice Day with Peter Arnott
6 March 2020 8:35 am

Why Performance Practice?

Attending a performance practice session will allow you to have a better understanding of how to spend your practice time.

Therefore your practice will have greater transfer to performance.

After the Performance practice day you will experience and learn how to practice under pressure, mental strategies on how to deal with the pressure & a Performance Blueprint that allows you to fulfil your potential in performance.

What’s involved?

Some of the areas we will cover –

  • Performance games that test all parts of your game under high stress.
  • Consequences and how to create relevant one’s for you that have meaning.
  • Mental strategies to cope with Performance Stress
  • Weapons checks. How many weapons do you have in your locker?
  • A specific Performance Blueprint that allows you to play your best golf.

Many other areas can be covered on the day as and when they arise, tailored to your needs and questions.

Cost £140 per Person

Your Host

Peter Arnott

Peter is a Performance Golf Coach based in Edinburgh Scotland.

Much of the performance day is based on the data Peter collected in his Masters by Research interviewing 7 European Tour players on their experiences developing towards & then playing on the European Tour.

Peter has appeared on numerous podcasts including Mark Immelman’s PGA Tour podcast (Click here to listen)

Peter also mentor coaches all over the world, in person and his e-learning platform ( and has also branched into other sports, such as the Rio 2016 Gold winning field hockey U.K. Women’s team on effective practice & technique change.

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