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1 July 2016 8:58 am

It’s been great over the past few weeks to get out onto the course with the members playing in our Summer ‘Play with the pro prize’. The format is 2 out of 4 scores to count over 9 holes.

The course is looking in fantastic condition and I feel that we are privileged to play on such a lovely course.

The first team of David Owen, Redmond Shaw and Helen Shaw played very well scoring a honourable 38 points over 9 holes. It was a pleasure to play with them, especially as Red and Helen have been through our Get into Golf programme.

The second team of Philip Macfarlane, Keith Ray and Sian Picton-Turbervill also consisted of some good golf with lots of fun being had on the course, followed by a nice warm drink! We also scored a respectable 38 points putting them into joint first place.

Here is what Sian and Keith had to say about the experience

“A really good opportunity to see how it should be done! Oli was encouraging and helpful throughout as were the other two players. Well worth doing.”

“I’m confident that I can also speak for Sian Picton-Turbervill and Phil MacFarlane in saying that it was great for us to be able to share 9 holes of golf in Oli's company and to learn from his meaningful feedback and value his caring attitude. As he does with his Seniors Coffee Morning coaching, he makes you feel as if the advice given is specially designed to help you personally.”

The third team of Peter Reynolds, Andy Baldwin and Peter Scott hugely impressed me with pars for 3 points nearly on every hole! We scored a super score of 42 points to top the Leaderboard.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all three games with the above members and long may it continue!

Here is a list of future dates that are available if you fancy a game? I sure do!


  • 13th July at 5pm
  • 8th August at 2pm
  • 17th August at 4pm
  • 24th August at 9am
  • 29th August at 2pm

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