Play with the Pro - January and February
9 January 2020 1:38 pm

Dear Member.....

Dates for the January & February have now been released. What better way to learn to play better golf than watching and playing with your professional out where it matters. Your professional team here at the club are all very much looking forward to getting out their and doing battle against each other and hopefully treating you to some great golf along the way.

The Format -

Teams 4 - Waltz Sford / 75% Handicap / Double points on Par 3’s

Entry fee is £3 per player
Prizes awarded on 1st April 2020 -
1st place F9
2nd place F9
1st place B9
2nd place B9

Here are the dates for January & February -

Thurs 9th Jan @ 10am
Wed 15th Jan @ 9am
Fri 24th Jan @ 2pm
Mon 3rd Feb @ 10am
Thurs 20th Feb @ 1pm
Fri 28th Feb @ 2pm

Mon 20th Jan @ 2pm
Mon 27th Jan @ 2pm
Wed 5th Feb @ 2pm
Thurs 13th Feb 2pm
Mon 24th Feb 2pm

Fri 10th Jan @ 9am
Thurs 16th Jan @ 9am
Mon 20th Jan @ 9am
Mon 3rd Feb @ 12noon
Wed 12th Feb @ 9am
Mon 24th Feb @ 8am

Neil -
Thurs 16th Jan @ 2pm
Thurs 13th Feb @ 2pm

Niall -
Mon 6th Jan @ 10am

To book any of the above time slots please CLICK HERE


Tim and the Team

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