Process v Process
19 October 2016 9:43 am

Process or Process?

It’s become apparent, the more and more I coach, that most golfers do not have a consistent Pre Shot Process before every shot. Inconsistency in what we do is ultimately going to make the result of the ball path be consistent with putter aim, putter face at impact, strike, putter path, launch angle tempo and swing length.

Through my research into player’s aim at set up, 85% of golfers I’ve coached are not as accurate and consistent at aiming the putter as a professional. They usually aim within 2 degrees of their intended almost target every time.

There are two reasons for this:

· The average golfer I coach isn’t actually aiming at a target, they may be aiming right of the hole over there, somewhere ish... or they may be changing their mind over ball, as the line can look very different when they are over the ball than it does from setting up from behind the ball.

If this is you, then I would suggest attending an AimPoint Express Course with myself or your local AimPoint Express Instructor.

The express read is easy to perform and gives you so much confidence on where to aim each putt. Its “feel” based and adds to your knowledge on the greens. The game is hard enough, so simplify this area of the game and you will never have to worry about reading a putt ever again, AimPoint Express has it all covered.

 ·        Their process of aiming the club isn’t repeatable and the way they set up to each putthinders aim. Most golfers I coach set up their body to a putt, then start aiming the putter, fiddling around with the putter head and their feet trying to get “square”. Most professionals I coach or see on the television aim the club first, then set up, maintaining the club face aim and setting up the.Aim makes sense really, doesn’t it...?  but how many of you actually do this?



·        Another factor for poor aim is body set up. By changing certain aspects of your set up, like ball position, head position, stance width, spine tilt, distance from the ball, neck tilt, eye position, head rotation and even what you look at during setting up they all will change where you aim the putter. 

Pretty simple to work out right...?


Absolutely...! Come and see me for a 1 hour session using the SAM Putt Lab and we will work out the correct set up for you to allow you to aim the putter to the best of your ability. I have had huge success with this as you can see in the before and after pics below.

Click here to book in your 1 hour SAM Putt Lab session today and Aim straight from now on

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