Group Clinics - What is Proper Practice?
29 November 2019 9:14 am

What is a good practice plan for you as an individual?

The key word we can assess there is individual. We are a species of singularity - with our own routines, habits and views of success.

In golf, we can personify these habits into a good practice plan. For putting and for the wider game, I recommend three types of practice to stick to within your practicing hours. What works with this is that we can incorporate it across any time scale.

Whether you're a budding tour player, a ten handicapper or a social player, these three methods of practice aid you equally and can improve your game if distributed into correct proportion.

1: Maintenance Practice - Sunday 8th December - 2.30pm

This is simply your block, repetitive practice, working on things that you will have worked on with your coach. This will seem like the boring part, but is crucial for learning through repetition and muscle memory.

For example, it could be working on grip, eye position, stance, or arc in the backswing. There are hundreds of things you can work on within this area.

In this area, you can use training aids. I'm not a massive fan myself, but if you feel like a mat or visio-arc will improve your backswing, please do use it.


2: Creative Practice - Thursday 12th December - 3pm

This area of practice could be, (dare I say it) the most important part of practicing. It's probably the area that high level golfers and general adults do the least work on, and kids do very well.

When I was young, growing up on the course with my boys, Dav, Christian, Sweeney and Stef, we 'messed about'. Or as it was perceived. We were hitting flop shots over the trees, we used to have random putting competitions, hit high shots, low shots, draws and chips just to enjoy golf.

What we were doing was actually very smart. By learning the tools and different types of shot, it perpares you for most given situations out on the course - whether it be strikes, trajectories and ball-flights.

Even on the range with my good friend Dav, we used to practice our pre-shot routines and try our best to put each other off. Just imagine a screaming Welsh teenager distracting you when playing Golf. Not ideal.

For me, putting creative practice is simply learning the tools. Start with a straight four foot putt. Hit one with the toe, one with the heel, and one in the middle of your club. If you balance the slopes and are skilful, you can hole all three.

You can then be creative with the paths, the shaft lean, your posture. On the subject of the latter, you can lean forward, back and straight to find your neutral posture. Emphasise the 'your'. No two golfers are the same.


3: Performance Practice - Sunday 15th Decemeber - 2.30pm

Performance practice is simply getting you as ready as you can be for the real thing - and attempting to emulate the pressure of a competition environment.

I think it's massively important that this type of practice is measurable, whilst doing your pre-shot routine and avoiding gimmes and mulligans.

You should record the score you achieve and then send it to your coach. The best way you can both track this is Spider Putt.

Spider Putt is an app created by a friend Cedric Dennis in Paris. He is a wizard, an has created an app where our players can not only practice under pressure, but can record their results in a simple and effective form, to then give the player and the coach feedback on mistendencies, slopes and other errors in their play.

It allows us as coaches to really focus on marginal gains and improvements which can aid you in competition golf and when you're playing for a pint!

Obviously there's other drills available - all available on


These group clinics are a bit of an insight on how I see a good practice plan being outlined. This gives any golfer the perfect breakdown of what you can do with your practice time, and how you can practice smart.

Each session is 60 minutes and costs £10


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