Roger's success after a putter fitting and lesson
9 May 2017 12:20 pm

After playing for many years Ross-on-Wye GC member Roger Alford had never had a putter fitting or taken a putting lesson.

Last month Roger approched me struggling with his putting. After a short disussion he booked a putter fitting gold package which is great value at £50 for a 2 hour session and includes technique help as well as a full fitting using the Science & Motion Putt Lab.

Here are the posture changes we made:

- More tilt so the elbows sit in behind the shoulders, allowing his elbows, hands and club shaft to be in a straight line

Roger has also recently been custom fitted for a new set of Ping irons and loves the way they perform and feel

Roger has recently celebrated a big win, winning the 1st of the Layton Cup senior competitions beating 102 of his fellow members! Well done Roger.

Here is what Roger had to say -

"Oli is an awesome coach and has the ability to teach in an entertaining and constructive way ….. A true master of his craft; this was clearly demonstrated to me as I was assessed for my new putter and then coached in its use. Something must have stuck in the grey matter, as on my third round using the putter I achieve some success in one of the Club competitions!!!! Thanks Oli."

Through the posture changes and a custom fitted putter the improvement to both Rogers putter aim and path were huge.  As you can see from the SAM Putt Lab report below -

Putter Aim - Before



Putter Aim - After



Putter path - Before




Putter path - After


Huge improvements I'm sure you will agree

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