Ross Ladies on Top Form
11 February 2015 3:04 pm

Hello all and welcome this weeks LPH Blog.

This week I’m keen to share with you the progress of a couple of successful clients who returned this week for follow up lessons.

Ross ladies, Hannah Whibley and Rosemary Williams were struggling with consistency in their stroke. Sometimes left, then one right, some long and few ones short.

When I hooked them up to the SAM – Science and Motion Machine, it became apparent that their stroke was pretty good, but the margin for error, or the consistency of repeating that good stroke, let them down.After asking many questions and watching both ladies hit a selection of putts I could see that their ‘Pre Shot Routine’, their ‘Process‘, was different for every putt, so this is exactly what we were able  to work on.I like to break down a Routine, or Process into 2 steps: 
-  The Thought Process
-  The Action Process 

For the putting ‘Thought Process’  you may be considering:
- reading the green
- cleaning your ball
- judging the distance
- reading the slopes, uphill or downhill
- good practice swings 

In the ‘Action Process’ for putting you may be doing these types of activities:
- aiming the club face
- setting up over the ball
- looking at the hole
- pulling the trigger 
- Delivering the stroke

During the ‘Action Process’ it’s important to have a process of thoughts to follow that will NOT allow your ‘chimp brain’ to interfere and throw distracting negative thoughts into your head.

I’m delighted to report that when Hannah and Rosemary returned this week after a month of practising their own custom Processes, individually designed for them to take away from their first lesson, both ladies had improved their SAM lab consistency scores by 20-25% ! Huge gains for my happy students!

Even better – The results haven’t just been happening in the Hub! Hannah won the 16 hole stableford with 38 points, AND, both ladies had 36 points in the 3 club and putter competition over 16 holes ….and then to cap it all, Rosemary won the Social Golf Teamsomes event on Friday! Whew..! I’m so proud of their progress and success.

Great work ladies. Keep it up and long may your putting game keep improving. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and please check out and feedback on my brand new website which has recently gone live 

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