ROWGC Members and THSG/LPH pupils rise to the top
14 March 2019 8:34 pm

It has been a fantastic start to the season for the golfers in this blog.

They are all different shapes and sizes and they all play golf in their own and unique way.

However they all do have one similarity.

They are all looking for continuous improvement in their game by taking regular lessons and practicing hard in between sessions.

The results speak for themselves......

Jeremy Picton-Turbervill

Jeremy recently won the Seniors 3 club and a putter competiton with a great score of 34 points. Jeremy is a regular lesson taker with the THSG and LPH and has improved his focus on the process rather than outcomes.

Sally Fycun and Phil Thompson recently won the winter mixed greensomes.

Sally had a putting lesson last week before the final and this is what she had to say after the Victory;

'Last week in my lesson with Oli we worked on finding the happy place while putting to keep me calm over the ball. As always Oli gives you the belief in what your doing, so I was putting for fun. So read it roll it hole it'

Cam Haines and Harry Griffiths won the Winter greensomes at the club.

Club champion Cam continues to improve his putting technique with regular sessions. Here is Cam last week working on one of my favourite drills to help co-ordinate the body.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to perform this drill


Harry Griffiths has a great team around him working on improving his game. Harry's head coach is James Dobbs working mainly on course and on short game. Tim and myself also pass on our advice to James and Harry on what to work on technically in his full swing and Putting stroke.

This drill helped him have less movement in his lead wrist throughout the stroke. Give it a go! It may just help you hole a few more putts!

Sue Johnson had a putting lesson and a putter fitting last week, then she went out to play in the Ladies medal and won with a great score of 73.

Sue also has drastically improved her short game over the winter, mainly by attending our weekly supervised practice session on a Saturday at 12.30pm.

This session is available to all members and only costs £5!

5 THSG Lions have advanced through to Development stage. Every 4 months we have our Junior assessments to give pupils the opportunity to advance up a level in our 7 stage program.

Last week Calvin, Oli, Lucy, Evie and Ava advanced into our development stage.

Here is Oli and Calvin working hard on a strong set up to help start the ball on line.


Lucy works extreamly hard on her game and like all our juniors, a real star for the future!

Lucy managed to hit 10 consecitive putts through this gate which is very impressive. Give it a go with 2 tee pegs to see how you get on. This drill gives great feedback on wheather to are starting the ball on line!

Fred Unthank and is brother Harry have been with us from the start. Initially they started with tri golf at Much Marcle school and now the are both in our Futures squad. Great work ethic is key for this type of improvement. Dom Gabb also advanced to the Futures while Rhian Mcginley, Phoebe Barber and Abbie Bishop advanced to golfers for life.

Rhys Mcginley has advanced to the EDP level which is our highest tier. Rhys works hard on his game with all members of the THSG and his handicap is on the way down!

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