Should you accelerate the putter?
2 June 2016 10:28 am

I believe no. My research into this topic has been fascinating because a high percentage of golfers I coach try to accelerate the putter through impact. Or believe that when a putt is left short of the hole its because of a deceleration. In fact almost all top putters decelerate the putter at impact or just before impact.

Picture the putting stroke as a pendulum. It travels the same distance back and through. If you wanted the pendulum swing to go faster you would purely pull the pendulum back further and let it go. Through my research if you accelerate your putter through impact then being consistent at distance control will be a very hard task, infect almost impossible.

So if you think you may be accelerating your putter into impact try this simple drill:

• Place 3 coins equal distance apart on the putting green or on the carpet at home, for example 6 inches between each coin.

• Imagine the middle coin is the ball.

• Take the putter the same distance back and through over each outside coin ensuring the stroke is free flowing and not being forced to stop.

If you can do this drill consistently, take it onto the course and I am sure you will see an improvement in your distance control

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