The Importance of Aim (Part 2 of 2)
4 March 2015 2:54 pm

In last week’s blog (Part 1 of 2) I talked about how important it is to aim the golf club at the hole, highlighting that if your club face is merely 1 degree out at impact on a 10 ft putt you will miss the hole (with all other variables being neutral) . The advice I gave you to improve where you aim the club is by changing the process in which you set up to the ball.

I suggested trying the following steps -
1 – Aim the golf club
2 – Set up to the ball
3 – Strike Putt

In Today’s blog I will be discussing the importance of knowing where to aim on a breaking putt.

Firstly ask yourself what part of your body do you use to read greens.
I’m guessing most of you use your Eyes, If so, Can you trust your eyes?
Let’s see……………

Look at the picture below. Which looks longer, A or B?

The Answer is: Neither, as they are both exactly the same size, Although our eyes tell us that B is longer. This is because our eyes are not very good at seeing curves, therefore we cannot use them solely to read greens.
With many curves and slopes on greens it is difficult to access exactly where to aim and as we know the golf ball is a sphere so when put on a side slope it gets unbalanced and follows the slope.

How do we read greens to gauge where to aim if we can’t trust our eyes and need to determine the side slope?

Answer = AimPoint ExpressThere is a simple process to reading the break-
1 – Determine the extent of the side slope with your feet and give it a value
2 – Value = the number of fingers you hold up when lined up to the high side of the hole
3 – Your Aim Point is the edge of outside finger

This simple process takes less time than using your eyes alone and gives you so much more confidence on where to aim. Adam Scott has been known to agree, saying 

‘When I stand over a 6 footer, I have a game plan, I know where the putt needs to go and that gives me great confidence’

It’s also supported by many other top pros, such as Lydia Ko (world number 1), Stacey Lewis (world number 2), Ian Poulter, Hunter Mahan, Jason Day and Andy Sullivan (last week’s European tour winner)

So, would you like to join the AimPoint Express party and winning circle? If so just click here to book your course today

Pictures of Ross on Wye Golf Club Champion James Dobbs dialing into AimPoint Express – The Worlds number 1 green reading system

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