This weeks webinar - Ball flight laws and shot shaping
28 May 2020 10:34 am

We are now into week 9 of our webinar series and they have been great fun! I thank you so much those who have attended, your support in these difficult times has been lovely.

Week 9
In this weeks instalment we will run through the new ball flight laws and how to hit every shot in the book! You may think that you just want to hit the ball straight but I strongly believe its important to understand how to shape the ball both ways.

Topics covered

- What causes the ball to curve

- New and old ball flight laws

- How to hit a draw and a fade

- How to hit the ball high or low

Dates & Times

Friday 29th May - 2pm-3pm

Saturday 30th May - 2pm-3pm

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Bacs details are - 07-01-16 / acc no 04685963 / Oli Leett

I see these online webinars as an opportunity to LEARN, IMPROVE & BE A BETTER GOLFER....!!

See you all soon


Oli Leett

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