THSG/LPH Isolation Webinars
1 April 2020 10:12 am

Calling All Golfers ......

This week we are releasing dates/times for our first ever THSG webinars. We want to carry on our improvement programs and deliver fun and engaging webinars to help you practice and improve while in isolation. We understand these are difficult times for so many reasons and what better way to fill your days improving your golf game.

These educational webinars will be on an app called Zoom which you can download either on your iPhone, android phone, iPad or desktop computer. We understand not everyone is so techy so if you need any help with downloading the app or software we will do our best remotely to help. The webinars can be as engaging and active as you want, you can be set up in the garden practicing while we are taking you through certain aspects of technique or you can just be sat in the comfort or your arm chair taking notes. We will actually send on our notes/pictures from the session and will be in contact before to make sure your all ok with the app. We want the webinars to be as social as we can so we would love to hear all your questions before, during and after the session.....after all we are here to help.

General tips for Zoom -

* Make sure you have good wifi or 4G if your outside.
* Make sure you have good battery life as it tends to use up a lot of life while on the call.
* Have your golf balls and clubs at the ready if your wanting to be active during the call. Also if you are wanting to practice during the call communicate with the THSG to gain an equipment list before each session.
* Notebook and pen aren't essential because you will have the teaching notes sent to you, but you may want to write extra notes during the call.

Week 1 - Short Game & Putting Principles

I will be taking you through the key elements of set-up in short game in particular shots within 40yards to the green. I will also touch on the key sequencing of the body during the action and crucial club face positions that help clean and consistent contact. I will also take you through my performance set up in my garden to help you gain focus during your practice time at home.

In this session Oli will look at strong set up tendencies we see in all top golfers. Using British champion Emily Toy as an example you will be able to implement ideas to help you stand well for putting. This will give you the best opportunity to produce a good stroke.

In the second part Oli will run through a fun ‘Creative practice’ session. Exploring all types of strokes that will help you to be more skilful and repeat a Co-ordinated stroke. Not to be missed!!

Dates & Times 

Friday 3rd April - 2pm-3pm - BOOK NOW
Saturday 4th April - 2pm-3pm - BOOK NOW
Sunday 5th April - 2pm-3pm - BOOK NOW

** To book please click on the links above or simply reply to this email **

Cost of these special webinars are £10 pp, we accept payments via bacs, paypal or over the phone. 
paypal details -
Our bacs details are - 20-39-64 / acc no 93557308 / Tim Hall Golf Ltd 

Lets embrace isolation and see it as an opportunity to LEARN, IMPROVE & BE A BETTER GOLFER AT THE END OF IT....!!

See you all soon,  

Tim and Oli

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