What I learnt at the Masters that can help you hole more putts
18 April 2019 7:36 pm

Last week Tim and I had a fantastic week away with Ross on Wye GC members. In next weeks newsletter Tim is going to give you the full low down on the week.

Firstly I share with you what I learnt watching the worlds best players putt and how that can help you hole more putts........

I spent a lot of time around the putting green and 2 players stood out a mile. Tiger Woods and Ricky Fowler.

This is why -

- They had exceptional distance control, every single putt from all distances stopped within a foot of the hole, and those greens where fast!!!!!

- Both were visualising with a deep focus. Their eyes where not looking at the crowd in between and during practice putts, they where totally focused on the job in hand.

- Both looked extremely comfortable and give off this energy that they know what they are doing. Extremely confident.

- Both use the quiet eye technique, keeping completely still during the stroke and for a Dwell after the stroke.

- Rickie practiced with one ball, Tiger with 2 balls. But both players hit each ball to a different hole on every single putt. They also varied the length of putt. One short one, a long one back to short then mid range etc...

Unfortunately there was one player in the field that stood out poorly on the putting green, and that was Rory Mcilroy. On all the above points that Tiger and Ricky where great, Rory was the opposite.

- His distance control was off, he hit 3 balls to each hole. Typically with a pattern of 1 long 1 short 1 good distance. The occasional 1st putt went 8-10ft past from 30-40ft which was very alarming for me watching.

- No visualisation seemed to go into any putt, he was looking around the green like a lost sole. He looked like a man who didn't want to be there on the putting green.

- He looked jumpy, not focused on the job on hand and uncomfortable

- His eyes where active, even when he was hitting a putt. When he made contact with the ball his eyes and head was up, and he looked extremely concerned on where he hit that putt!!

- He practiced with 3 balls and majority of his putts where at the safe distance of 15-25ft. This area is safe because you don't expect to hole it but you should 2 putt. He didn't hit 1 putt inside 8ft! I couldn't believe it, Tiger must have holed 49/50 putts inside 8ft!

Am I being a little harsh on Rory? Probably...

But, it definitely was noticeable. Rory is a streaky putter and will continue to be so until he improves his technique, in my opinion. Phil Kenyon was working his magic with Rory last year but Rory parted company with Phil. Now his technique has fallen back into his old faults and he is streaky again. I do love Rory so I do hope he seeks help in his putting. He looked down and uncomfortable on the green and I'm not sure he will reach his full potential as a player continuing as he is. Sure he will get hot from time to time on the green, gain some confidence and win many tournaments, but will he ever win at Augusta? We will see? I would bet Tiger to win another Masters before Rory wins his first.... We will see...


Key learning points

- Practice with 1 ball

- Use the quiet eye process

- Visualise what a good putt looks like

- Find a process that works for you to help keep you focused

- AimPoint Express read the greens the best

- The sound off Tiger's putter is a magical sound

- Rory needs help putting

- Augusta National is the most magical place in the world

Can you spot 5 ROWGC members/Pros watching Poulter in this picture??

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