Why use AimPoint Express?
16 May 2018 12:34 pm

To start with Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood, Paul Casey, Adam Scott, Lydia Ko and Michelle Wie use it in a world where money is everything and players get paid to swizzle their watch while being interviewed on TV. What’s really exiting for me is that the above names don’t get paid a penny from AimPoint!

They use AimPoint because it WORKS!

AimPoint Express is more that just a green reading system. It helps players commit to a line. Is there anything more frustrating than reading a putt from behind the ball and reading it from another angle and it looks the opposite? What do you do? Hit it straight!

Our eyes do not see slopes very well as humans aren't always naturally depth perceptive. You may have even heard people say ‘that ball turned uphill’ or ‘the ball will break towards the water’ or ‘Rae's creek’ or some other rubbish.

The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t. The ball is a dead object. It doesn’t care where Rae's creek is or where the water is, it’s DEAD. It doesn’t have feelings. The ball will purely follow slope. If the slope is going left the ball will go left, if the slope is going right the ball will go right.

So side slope is important when reading greens - with AimPoint Express we don’t use our eyes to read side slope, we actually close our eyes, and feel the slope with our feet.

As human beings we are amazing at feeling slopes as we walk across slopes throughout the day and we don’t often fall over. We constantly yet unconsciously adjust our bodies to not fall over.

With AimPoint Express we train ourselves to be conscious of slope. People always worry about this part and they think that they won’t be able to feel it, but trust me - you will. All of the 400 pupils that I have taght AimPoint feel slope very well. There are many different techniques and methods to try to get each individual to feel the slope, and this only takes 10 minutes. The key is to learn from it. For example, if you feel it to be a small slope but it breaks like a big slope, then it must be a big slope, go back and stand on that slope and learn from it.

It’s like playing golf in the wind, if it’s into the wind and you take an extra club. You strike it really well but the ball comes up short, what do you do? Say to yourself this must be a two club wind - you learn from it.

Players learn to feel slope and give it a value. This I what we do with AimPoint Express. We feel side slope and we give it a value. What we do is assign that feeling to the actual slope %. 4% is a big slope and the ball breaks a large amount. 1% is a small slope and the ball will only break an inch or two over a 6 feet distance

The % number the player chooses represents how many fingers the player holds up against the hole to visually show them how much the ball will break.

In an AimPoint Express Class we will show you how to adjust to fast greens and slow greens, how to read short putts and long putts and even those treacherous double breaking putts. We will personally calibrate you, as we are all different shapes and sizes!

All this and the good news is it doesn’t take very long to do! Inside 6ft should take 5 seconds. 6-20ft should take no more than 10 seconds. Maybe a few more seconds of longer putts as it will take you a few seconds to reach the middle section of the putt.

AimPoint Express is the fastest way to read greens. The only quicker way is the glance and complete guess. Which won’t work consistently for anyone.

This year I have conducted a case study to see if golfers leave my AimPoint Express Class a better green reader.

I asked all 85 golfers at the start of the session, Out of 100 putts on the course (Home and Away courses) estimate how many putts are the correct Read.

The average answer was 53%

2/3rds way through the AimPoint Class after each golfer hits around 100 putts I asked them the same question, out of 100 putts you have just hit, estimate how many putts are the correct Read?

The average answer was 91%

In my opinion this was an astonishing result. A 72% improvement! Wow!

I don’t think you would be able to get that much of an improvement in any other area of your game.

One of my goals for the season is to run case studies on all areas of putting and do measured tests that are based on fact.

I will need a stable of Guinea pigs to carry out this study so if your interested in helping out then please get in touch. Click here

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CLINICS WILL BE HELD AT: AimPoint Dates 2020 Ferndown forrest GC - 5th March - 5pm

The Kendleshire GC - 3rd April - 5pm

The Chase GC - 17th April - 5pm

The Ross on Wye GC - 18th April - 3pm

The Bristol GC - 24th April - 5pm

Burghill GC 25th April - 3pm

Royal Winchester GC 1st May - 5pm

Beau Desert GC 8th May - 10am

Leeds Golf Centre - 9th May - 2pm

Tiverton GC - 14th May - 5pm

The Ross on Wye GC - 15th May - 5pm

Bromsgrove GC - 17th May - 2pm

Bristol and Clifton GC - 22nd May - 5pm

The Belfry Hotel and Resort - 25th May - 2pm

Perranporth GC - 28th May - 2pm

Redditch GC - 29th May - 5pm

Knowle GC - 31st May - 3pm

Saltford GC - 4th June - 5pm

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